The culture of well-being is nowadays an inseparable part of our lifestyle. Beyond pure hedonism, the culture of wellness is a vital and necessary response to the stress we experience in our everyday life.  An attitude that develops more and more in our own home, transformed into the last “bastion” of privacy and relaxation opposite to the daily bustle.

The new bathrooms are the center of this phenomenon; with a cutting-edge design, they experience a great transformation: they are not just merely spaces where we can take care of our image, they also recreate atmospheres and sensations that contribute to the recovery of our physical and emotional balance.  The contemporary bathrooms are equipped with saunas, steam baths, hydromassage and ultrasound baths and showers with chromotherapy, aromatherapy and audio and video systems.  And all this to satisfy a concept of well-being that combines all senses, not only the touch.

The hydromassage baths Gala include the systems Emotive and Sensitive. With the Emotive system, the massage is carried out through adjustable water jets located on the sides of the bath that produce streams of pressurized and overoxygenated water, due to its mixture with air. The massage and the increase of oxygen in the water thanks to the air injection has a direct effect on the improvement of the skin, on the cardiovascular, capillary and lymphatic circulation and on the toning of the muscle mass. The effect of the massage may be regulated, softer and more relaxing or more intense and toning. And depending on the bath model and the chosen range we will be able to receive a massage on the side of our body, as well as on our feet or lower back area.

In the Sensitive system, the air jets located on the bottom of the bath provide an enveloping and relaxing massage with bubbles. We will not only have a massage on our side and our back, our lower back or our feet; we will also be able to feel the “weightlessness” thanks to the effect of the air bubbles leaving the jets located on the bottom, acting on areas where the other jets did not have any access.

Space is no longer a problem, Gala has designs which can be easily installed so that these elements may be included in the bathroom or bedroom, letting us enjoy all their benefits. Baths reinvent themselves regaining their importance thanks to models with extra-large sizes and sculptural lines, such as the models Flex Center or Ópera. The corner baths Flex Center and Trevo take less space in the bathroom but continue being a promise of pleasure. 

As for showers, these come with larger overhead rain showers, such as the one included in the Cosmo tap fittings, giving way to cabins and hydromassage columns that provide a greater number of sensations thanks to the different streams with multiple jets, that are able to imitate the effect of soft rain or an intense waterfall, or even the pleasant water drops mixed with air. Planet is the cabin Gala with greater versatility and sophistication, and the modern hydromassage column Sky may be installed in any shower space. In general, customers look for a physical and emotional well-being closely linked to the experience of the contact with nature, through which man recovers an “authenticity” snatched by the artificial environment of the metropolis. For this reason, our designers try to reproduce in the bathroom the ideal conditions to experiment this “return” to nature. The shapes become more organic and fluid, and the tap fittings try to imitate the flow of water in its natural environment.

The beauty area. The growing importance of the body culture and the attention to the care of our physical appearance and its aesthetics in our society is transforming our bathroom into a beauty center within our home; the area where men and women take care of their appearance and where they apply beauty treatments not only intended for women. Waxing, applying facial masks, exfoliating or plucking your eyebrows are no longer beauty treatments intended only for females. In order to be able to devote ourselves to our body so as to be radiant, we need a new bathroom concept where space provides a comfortable setting, in a relaxed environment and with all the necessary equipment and products.

A well-lit area, with a comfortable seat, a magnifying mirror and a good storage space are as necessary as all the other essential bathroom elements. Here is where the large countertops for wash-basins, the auxiliary units and the drawer units on wheels, the mirrors with side integrated lighting and a greater zoning between wc pans and wash-basins make their appearance. The beauty area, within the bathroom, allows us to pamper and love ourselves, so that we may offer our very best to others.






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