When we refer to a classic style, we are referring to a concept more than to a list of rigid norms to follow. The term classic defines a style that does not follow a certain fashion, being timeless and designed to last beyond any trends.

The contemporary classic style focuses on beauty and sophistication but also on creating a warm and welcoming environment that exudes tranquility and provides the expected relaxation in the bathroom. The contrast between classic pieces and modern lines gives excellent results, providing personality and enhancing the atmosphere of this room.

To achieve this we recommend the use of those colours and hues that best suit this peaceful and sensible style of decoration, such as creams, greens, grays or yellows. It is preferable to choose the range of soft hues, avoiding the very bright ones.

Regarding the sanitary ware, the collection Noble could be the most suitable one for those choosing this option: with a certain retro style, but with pure shapes and discreet details, the lines of the Noble collection transmit a timeless serenity. The combination of solid wood in the seats provides the WC pan with the distinction of noble materials. Klea makes a classic interpretation of the shapes and Jazz is a multi-purpose line, classic due to its everlasting lines and modern because of its restyling.

Taps are one of the bathroom elements that best define any type of decoration, perfectly determining the style that has been chosen. A current classic bathroom does not need any overdone models that would seem outdated. Grecia taps are an excellent option, as well as the elegant Silk line, both modern and classic.

Noble materials are the ones that best fit into the contemporary classic style: marble for countertops, wall and floor coverings; hardwoods to line a few walls (never all of them), floors and bath coverings; the stucco, lasting and elegant, may cover part of a wall; ceramic tiles are also a great choice, as they allow colour combinations, such as the checkerboard, although not necessarily in black and white; coloured towels, with some type of trimming or embroidery that fits into the atmosphere, which can be combined with the colour range used to reinforce the colour scheme; An old stool, a decorative porcelain piece, a hand-woven rug or an assortment of glass bottles provide the personal and sophisticated touch to any timeless bathroom, without it being outdated.

Classic is the opposite of overdone. For this reason it is a style that never tires nor goes out of date. 







A warm  and                   welcoming                  atmosphere.







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