Dear supplier, welcome to Ceramicas Gala! Please have a look at our criteria for a successful collaboration. Through our procurement volume we exert considerable influence on society and the environment.

Gala has been offering excellent solutions for the bathroom with a personal and distinguishing style for more than 50 years. 

Cerámicas Gala has based its progress on the principles of quality, design and productivity, becoming one of the leading companies in the sector.

Innovation and sustainable investments have been the pillars of the constant growth experienced by Gala since its establishment, quadrupling its initial production.

Our aim is to offer quality and design products that exceed the expectations of all professionals working with us, so that they may satisfy the needs of consumers.

At Gala we focus on maintaining a strategy based on the main values of our brand. This loyalty to the principles of the brand assures our commitment with customers, leading our future actions and consolidating our permanence as a great brand with the following values:

We are specialists and we offer professional and stylish solutions for the bathroom. 

Gala is a different and distinguishing brand. The design of its products is consistent with the expression of current values and lifestyles.

We position ourselves near our customers and consumers. With a friendly and personalized treatment, always attentive to their needs and the preferences of the market.

Quality, always quality. We are a reliable brand, backed up by more than 50 years of existence, as well as the corresponding quality certificates that validate this. 

­Respect for the environment. Sustainability is today, more than ever, necessary to guarantee a future for everyone. And Gala acts responsibly to last and live that future. 

These five principles turn Gala into a living company, in constant evolution and adaptation to the ever changing markets. 

All manufacturing, commercial, marketing, quality and R+D activities are located in its headquarters in Burgos, covering an area of 250.000 m2. There are 10 subsidiaries all throughout Spain to develop the domestic commercial activity, as well as a specific export department that operates in more than 50 countries. 

From the very beginning, we have felt the need to open frontiers and extend our brand worldwide. For this reason, Gala is nowadays a company present in the five continents with a special influence in Europe, even though our products reach very different markets, such as Hong Kong, Canada, Chile or Australia, where they are valued for their quality and design.

GALA comprises a team of men and women committed to customer service, to the quality of the products and to constant innovation. Based on this, they work with the aim of providing the market with the highest level of excellence.

At Ceramicas Gala, we not only wish to maintain our position as a provider of highly innovative products, but we also want to expand it. It is for this reason that we set high performance standards when it comes to selecting our suppliers. Ceramicas Gala expects all suppliers to provide pro-active solutions in order to maintain competitiveness and to meet the Ceramicas gala requirements.





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