Straight and pure lines.



The building or renovation of a bathroom is carried out on a certain date, and if we choose a very modern style this date will determine its design. The existing trends at that time will be the starting point of the creation of a contemporary bathroom, totally updated. It is not possible to look back nor should we try to guess what will be trendy in the future when choosing this type of decoration: this space should be a reflection of the most cutting edge aesthetics, of what´s in.   

Although this could be seen as a daring option, as it might be quickly outmoded, it is not: a trend today might become a classic tomorrow if its design is coherent, if it truly reflects its time. The possibilities found in this line of decoration are very broad, thanks to the range of designs offered by specialized companies.

The design of sanitary ware has evolved towards pure and straight lines, as in the collections Eos and Universal: their minimalistic spirit is ideal for a trendy bathroom. Due to their pure design, their balance between aesthetics and functionality and their contemporary use of curved lines, the Arq collection, with architectonic lines and Emma Square, with a design combining squares with soft lines and rounded profiles, are also a perfect option. With some more mixture, Smart offers modernity and freshness, Jazz, dynamic and slender curves and the renovated Street Square a slightly squared format. The wall-hung versions of all these models are the most suitable ones, as they provide a diaphanous vision of the space that fits perfectly with the last trends.

​The tap fittings which boast of geometry and essentiality, such as Bloc, with square lines and Balance and Cosmo with cylindrical lines, fit comfortably in any trendy bathroom. Still also needs to be mentioned, as it provides an asymmetry that starts to emerge as one of the last trends.

The ceramic wall tiles opt for the horizontal alignment on walls, usually with 30x60, 40x80, 25x75 cm sizes, and for great formats on floors –80x80, 50x100 cm ... – that provide a greater feeling of continuity on the surface. The different hues of the ceramic tiles in stone, cement and wood finishes, and the stony textures express the cult of nature so in vogue these days, as well as providing a touch of elegance.  

It is necessary to choose wall-hung countertops and furniture with pure lines that provide lightness and help to create a very modern atmosphere in accordance with times: the interior design avoids anything superfluous so that the bathroom becomes a peaceful space that helps us to disconnect from stress and problems.

As for colour, emerald green is fashionable this year, P.376 according to Pantone, one of the colour “bibles”. It is a cheerful colour, full of radiance and exuberance that boosts our well-being, balance and harmony. It is the hue most present in nature and the one which is more often noticed by the human eye. White and its infinite hues are always in style.

Regarding complements, natural fibres express our firm wish of supporting sustainability and preserving the environment, being in harmony with nature.

In a few years, the design of this “trendy” bathroom will be the proof of a way of understanding life at a certain point of our history and for that reason it will sadden us to renovate it.

















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