To evoke the invigorating sensation of water in nature


Is there anything more beautiful than the shapes found in nature? Can we find more tranquility anywhere else than on the top of a mountain or in a forest? Are we able to imagine a better way to relax than bathing in a river or a lake? Nature is a source of inspiration and pleasure, for this reason we wish to include it in our household.

The bathroom is the most suitable room for this: it connects us with the natural world through the water, the element which is the basis of this room. When choosing a bathroom with a natural style, we are opting for the recreation of a world of ancestral sensations. Organic shapes, such as the ones found in the vegetable and mineral worlds; natural materials, such as stone, ceramic and wood, and textures that provide the sensation of connecting with the Earth create an environment that offers happy sensations that link us to nature and transport us.

The key to obtain a natural bathroom is to turn to these shapes, materials and textures found in the natural environment: sanitary ware with organic, simple and soft lines, such as the ones found in the Emma, Klea or Jazz collections; hues like ochre, beige or green; cotton or linen towels,  not dyed, bathmats, stools and baskets made of vegetable fibres, such as jute and coconut; stone coverings and countertops or any type of ceramic tile that evokes its texture; furniture units made of wood and natural finishes; floral details and pebbles in the decor; tap fittings that favour curved lines; wide openings to let in the natural light, and a warm lighting that uplifts the colours and the natural textures.

It is important to let the space breathe, avoiding superfluous ornaments and banishing as much as possible, anything not related to sustainability.

In order to evoke the invigorating sensation of water in nature, we may dive into the big hydromassage baths Flex Center and Trevo or experience the pleasure of the waterfall or the large-sized overhead showers in the cabins Planet or the column Sky.

Following this advice, we will be able to create an atmosphere that will enable us to experience the same original pleasure in our bathroom than when diving into the clear water of a stream.



















Sanitary ware with organic, simple and soft lines.











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