Due to the methods applied in its manufacturing process and the systematic implementation of sustainable measures in its products, Cerámicas Gala has been chosen by ANAS (National Association for Sustainable Architecture) as one of the sustainable companies within the construction sector. 

Sustainability applied to the manufacturing process

Although we mainly produce vitreous china and porcelain products, made of natural clays and china clays which practically do not generate any waste in their production process apart from a harmless water vapor, we care for the smallest details when it comes to the materials we use.

To be highlighted:

­Recycling of carton, plastic and wood.

The use of the heat generated by our kilns to dry the pieces and to heat up the factory through distribution pipes. 

The use of Herding filters that prevent the atmospheric emissions generated by the grinding of clays. 

­And the opening of a waste recycling center, to carry out the correct management of any generated waste.  


Corporate dossier​


Sustainability applied to products:

Regarding the product, we can highlight the design of mechanisms that allow water savings, such as: 

Cisterns with double push mechanisms, 3 or 6 litres, to select the volume of water in each flush. The use of this system may save up to 4.300 litres of water per person and year, from the 10.800 litres that are regularly consumed with a single flush type of valve. We now offer, in certain models, an improved cistern with a double flush of only 3 to 4,5 litres, with the corresponding water savings. 

Cisterns fitted with mechanisms with partial flushes, which are able to stop the flush with a second push of the button, using only the water that is really needed.

Tap fittings with a regulating lever, to decrease the water flow and the use of the traditional aerators or oxygenators. 

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