The coolest urban style reflects the frenetic pace in a city, that fascinating place where time flies through its busy streets, where everything bustles and trends change at full speed.

The metropolis is the breeding ground for designers, for creativity, for inspiration and innovation. A cool bathroom demands to be surrounded by design, to create the latest atmosphere, which will amaze our guests and confirm that we have a cosmopolitan spirit, that we feel fortunate to belong to a city that continues to motivate us aesthetically, that tells us that in order to advance we need to keep moving.

In order to transform the bathroom into a multipurpose space, where we can forget our stress or feel rejuvenated to face a new day or a new night, its interior design needs to speak a daring, audacious, fresh language… The new bathroom concept includes the same premises which were applied to the living room in the past. The bathroom is now a meeting point, a chance to show off, to invite and to laugh, to celebrate, to speak and to make an impression. The room where you can display the most sophisticated perfumes, the most advanced cosmetics, the most daring bath robes and the exclusive branded towels. That “private space” where girls exchange confidences while touching up their make-up, and where young men tell inconveniences that should not be heard by the girls.​

In order to recreate a coherent setting for this new way of understanding the bathroom, we need to choose fixtures and fittings with a contemporary design. For sanitary ware, the proposals with a minimalistic design cover the daily and recreational needs of any city dweller, as in the Eos and Universal collections, with straight and pure lines, that express the perfect balance of the geometric design and the simplicity of shapes.  

Its minimalistic spirit and a modern and sophisticated aesthetics, place this collection at the forefront of the contemporary interior design. The sanitary ware of the Arq collection presents an innovative design based on the curve of an arc, a clear option for those searching for novelties and those who love architecture as a form of artistic expression. The wall-hung versions are the right choice: the lightness of their volume favour a general feeling of spaciousness.  The dynamic shapes and the slender lines express a modern way of life and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, as in the tap fittings Still, Line and Flow, the perfect complement for these sanitary ware collections.

Those who live in and enjoy the city wish to get the most of the new pleasures provided by the hydromassage cabins: invigorating and revitalizing sensations… The cabins Planet, as well as the column Sky combine great features and a good design. On the other hand, the spacious hydromassage baths Flex Center transform the bath into a unique moment of pleasure and relaxation that will erase tiredness after a long day enabling us to go out again to discover the night or to conquer the world first thing in the morning.

The porcelain wall tiles are perfect to obtain functional spaces that surprise because of their accomplished aesthetics. Nueva York, LondresBerlín, Irati and Sabana are specially designed to fit into bathrooms with an urban style, offering a wide range of colours that may define if the bathroom is for a female or male user. Half-measures are not valid. As in fashion, the aesthetic difference between sexes is exacerbated.

Colour sparkles work well when contrasting with other monochromatic surfaces, especially those in white colour. Regarding the auxiliary furniture, it is best to choose from the very latest design trends, although the presence of a design furniture unit that has become a classic can also provide character and originality, indicating some knowledge. Details such as photographs in black and white, author vinyls, rugs with geometric designs, towels in exciting colours, as well as decorative items made of technological materials could be the key to define a cool urban style.

Let´s be daring in the bathroom, as we are in the streets of our city: in order to enjoy fully, so as to feel alive. 





Creativity and inspiration in the metropolis.

















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