2015 marks the 50th anniversary
of Gala's establishment



2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Gala´s establishment.

50 years of history that are the itinerary of a company that continues to support constant evolution and a close relation with its customers.

Cerámicas Gala S.A was founded in Burgos in 1965 with the initial corporate name Cerámicas Scala S.A, and with its first logo, a swan included in the brand, that remained in the company, with different versions, until the first decade of this century. Gala was founded as part of the so called Industrial Promotion Plan, a plan that aimed to drive our country towards the economic and industrial development.

At that time Gala started to manufacture health/hygiene products exclusively. It had an industrial factory with 18.000 m², for the production of bathroom vitreous china. The backbone of the premises was one single kiln along with the rest of manufacturing facilities needed for its operation.

With the working capacity, the willingness to improve and a rigorous quality in the finish of the vitreous china pieces, it was possible to advance in those difficult early days. From the 1970s onwards, the distribution net started growing and so did the brand awareness throughout Spain.

The product range at that time was extremely colourful, with product finishes in special colours apart from white, such as mink, avana yellow, turquoise blue or brick red, which gave a different colouring to the bathroom. The demand grew thanks to the economic boom experienced by the country, based on the Spanish social context at that time, with the country´s economy taking off and with the urban landscape in cities changing with more buildings and homes.

With the production increasing, the second kiln was inaugurated in the 1970s to meet the demand. Legendary sanitary ware collections such as Florida, Espacio, Sirio, Aquatonda, Gala2000 or Nova Espacio established Gala´s base in the market. The commercialization of bathroom complements such as vitreous china accessories, steel and cast iron baths also started at this time.

It was then that a new value was established at Gala, an unmatched customer service, towards our distributors and specific professionals linked to the building industry such as architects, engineers and builders.

The 1980s arrived and our catalogue continued growing , with old collections giving way to the new ones and with our focus on the export markets, which would allow Gala to be present in the five continents. This led to a greater specialization in design, also paying attention to the colours in fashion back then, and without disregarding the values that supported the company and which have been present since the very beginning; a desire for  improvement, the maximum quality, modern designs, trust and a permanent service.

Characteristic vitreous china collections were launched at the end of the 80s and continued being a symbol during the 90s such as Top, Aurea, Loa, Bácara, Marina and Diana. Elia was also launched at this time, an emblematic range that, after being revised several times, has prevailed until today.

With 25 years experience, the decade of the 90s started a revolution. At Gala the focus was not only on sanitary ware but on a more global idea, to provide a wider range of products related to the bathroom. The acrylic baths were included in the catalogue, great baths such as Sirena, Omega and Magia, along with a new bathroom concept. The bathroom, which had for decades been a functional room, became now an area of the house related to relaxation, thanks to the hydromassage baths. The development of this concept of relaxation area was reinforced with the addition of the acrylic hydromassage cabins and columns.

Gala had come a long way and was heading for the turn of the century, ready to face the new social and cultural changes that lay ahead. In this new decade, the brand evolves adding tap fittings and bathroom furniture to its catalogue. This evolution could also be seen in the updating of Gala´s visual identity in 2003, prelude of the current brand. This was a time when information and knowledge about the products started being essential.

The launch of new media, the development of the web page and technical information libraries for specialised professionals set the trend for the present Gala.

In this year 2015, we celebrate our 50th anniversary, adding year by year new values and new products to the company, thus being able to provide complete solutions for bathroom projects, always in line with the latest trends in interior design. One single catalogue that can offer our distributor all bathroom products and even today, floor and wall tiles that may be applied in kitchens, living rooms or exteriors.

50 years that can be summarized in certain values that have been consolidating decade after decade and that are now part of our company –quality, customer orientation, design, innovation, modernity and respect for the environment– and a certain identity which has always been close, both in our compromise to offer products in line with times, as well as close in our attention, close when providing the means to improve the sale of our products, and close to our surroundings, to institutions, employees and the city of Burgos.

This year, with our preceding history, we celebrate our 50th anniversary with great responsibility, thinking that it will be a reference point for Gala´s history, and that we will continue being part of its future history.




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