A bathroom with a wellness area.




Rustic means “characteristic of the country”, a landscape domesticated by man: drawn and ranged to make the most of the earth´s fruits. The difference between a natural and a rustic style is notable: the latter tries to create an environment inspired by nature embraced through tradition and craftmanship. The natural materials, such as wood, stone or iron, crafted with traditional techniques that show the skill of man, are the raw materials for this type of decor.

A rustic bathroom is usually our first option when refurbishing a country or rural house, as the features of the original building will help us to define the interior design. Visible wooden beams, brick walls and wrought iron grilles in the windows are the perfect setting for a rustic bathroom. A good refurbishing should preserve these remains from the past, but without giving up the comfort we expect in such a room nowadays. The remains of the original architecture may coexist with modern sanitary ware, tap fittings and wall tiles with a design inspired by the representative lines of a past with a rural touch.

Regarding sanitary ware, the Noble collection seems the perfect choice, not only because of its vintage lines but also for its dialogue with wood. Noble speaks the language of the craftmanship and tradition found in rural areas. But even the sensual lines of the Emma collection or the intrinsic simplicity of many countertop and over-counter wash-basins may be the key to a rustic bathroom.

The tap fittings Grecia comply with all requirements to coexist with the sanitary ware Noble, while Noa taps, with harmonious shapes, can be a complement to more modern wash-basins and sanitary ware with simple and evocative lines.

The ceramic wall tiles are a great help to set a style. Combined with inserts or mesh, they align with the old artisanal trade, recreating that simple and exquisite taste that seduces us in the traditional country houses. Even though it may be possible to keep a lime, cement or brick texture on a wall that does not get in touch with water, the glazed porcelain wall tiles show an unbeatable resistance to humidity. The Vesubio collections, with sand and ochre hues; or the Siena collection, which reproduces in its inserts the geometric designs found in hydraulic tiles, are great options.

White color, as in all styles, is a guarantee for brightness and can be combined with mineral colours such as ochre, siena, albero or indigo, hues that reproduce the color of the earth while defining the rural setting typical of this style.

Decorative details: arrangements of dry and natural flowers, cotton or thick linen towels, esparto rugs, ceramic vases, natural soaps and auxiliary furniture units made of solid wood or steel, or a combination of both, mirrors with stripped wood frames or, why not, with no frame at all. Plastic should be banished.

A rustic bathroom is always a space full of charm, inspiration, honesty and coherence. It transmits the same ancestral sensations than a wheat field or a terrain with ancient olive trees. If today the bathroom is a suitable place for daydreaming and remembering, with the rustic style, both things are assured. 


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