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The ideal bathroom is the one that adjusts to our lifestyle, where we feel comfortable and where we find the necessary equipment. The key to obtain it is to analyze our needs in depth, doing a thorough planning. We need to assess, for instance, the number of members of the family, if we will all meet in the bathroom every morning, if we use the shower rather than the bath, what are our storage needs…

To share

The organization of the space is very important in any bathroom, but it becomes vital when we will share it with other people. If the bathroom will be shared by two people, it is best to isolate some areas, such as the WC, in order to gain intimacy.

The best is to organize the space in three areas: the dressing table, the water and the WC areas, separated by partitions, medium-height walls (120 cm) or glass screens. If there is enough space, it will be practical to double some elements and even include two washstands or two independent dressing areas, a bath and a shower, the latter, if possible, equipped with two overhead shower heads. Ideally, the water zone should be located in the brightest area, isolating it with glass screens that allow the natural light to enter. It is also important to foresee the decorative style you will choose for your bathroom. In order to achieve it you will need to make the right decision on the sanitary ware, the furniture and the materials, which need to be practical and easy to maintain.


Sanitary ware

Gala´s range of sanitary ware is so wide that it is easy to find one that adapts to our style: from the models with pure lines, such as Eos and Universal, defined by its simple and geometric shapes, to Klea, whose synthetic design adapts to any bathroom style, as well as those that emulate classic designs, with washstand and pedestal, such as Noble. If there is not much space, wall-hung WCs are the best option, as they are visually lighter, although you should take into account that the built-in cistern will take some of the floor space. Most Gala collections offer a wall-hung version.



The furniture will also help you to achieve the style you are looking for. Apart from this, it is also important to calculate the storage capacity you will need. One furniture unit might be enough. We recommend the model Jade, with its neutral and flat look clearly showing its accurate proportions, as well as having a timeless design; just like the model Agata, with two or three drawers, in a glossy white or grey finish, that combines functionality and aesthetics. If you need more capacity, you could include an auxiliary unit, such as the column Agata, or even a line of wardrobes to use it as a dressing room. If you do not have many metres available, a good alternative would be to install the wardrobes of the dressing room in the transit area to the bathroom. And if you need to save space, you can turn to other solutions such as Jade, which combines furniture unit, mirror, lighting and wash-basin.



The bathroom walls and floor should be, above all, moisture and water resistant. You should decide if the different materials can be combined: the more resistant ones for the areas in contact with water and the more decorative ones for areas like the dresser. Ceramic tiles are industrialized products that imitate natural ones but improving them in certain aspects, enhancing their resistance to chemical and physical agents, optimizing their resistance to weight, abrasion and wear due to the transit, the water and the cleaning agents. The new synthetic materials (Silestone, Quartz Compac, Quarella...) and the marbles (travertine, ivory cream, Carrara) are also resistant to humidity and are therefore perfect as a countertop or for the water area. If you choose wood, the tropical ones are more resistant while the native ones require damp-proof treatments. As for microcement, it is advisable even for the shower area. Finally, if you choose wallpaper, make sure it is vynil, and if you opt for paint, it should be plastic and anti-mould.


A space for relaxation


The bathroom is becoming the place where you may disconnect from the daily routine and search for calmness. For this reason you should choose a good equipment, which might include a free-standing bath and a distribution that improves light and the view. The hydromassage baths Flex CenterEmma and Mitta, apart from having a correct design, are a source of pleasure thanks to their hydromassage systems Emotive and Sensitive.


Ideas to save water in the bathroom


  • Tap fittings. Some tap fittings include systems that reduce the consumption of water in up to 50%. Among them we find the aerators that mix air and water without reducing the water flow. All Gala tap fittings include ceramic disc cartridges that provide the maximum softness and durability. The ceramic disc cartridges allow the adjustment of the temperature and the water flow gradually and precisely.
  • Flow limiters. Some tap fittings include flow limiters that avoid the opening of the tap beyond a certain angle. In the shower, the thermostatic tap fittings establish the temperature and avoid any water consumption until the desired temperature has been reached. Tap fittings with ecological cartridges allow a greater savings in water consumption. As for the tap fittings Balance, the savings are even greater, as it has an ecological cartridge and aerator.
  • Cisterns. The ones which consume less are those with interrupted or dual flush. At Gala we are aware of the importance of the reduction in the water consumption in our homes, for this reason we take a huge step forward presenting the ECO flush. This dual flush system allows savings of up to 25% with 4,5 litres in the full flush and 3 litres for the reduced flush.


To achieve an area for relaxation

You may create a space for relaxation with these elements:

  • Hydromassage bath. They include jets with a mixture of water and pressurized air. All Gala models are a source of pleasure, choose the one that best meets your aesthetic preferences.
  • Hydromassage cabins. They are a sort of prefabricated shower equipped with a column with jets. We propose the cabins Planet, equipped with cutting-edge technology in hydrotherapy.
  • Columns. The shower columns Gala have a slender and elegant design, created to be integrated in any bathroom, with an easy installation. The different types of jets can create a full back massage, thanks to the battery of jets. Thanks to the columns Gala you may be able to enjoy a full shower with large-sized overhead rain showers and waterfall.


Bathrooms open to the bedroom


  • Distribution. If the bedroom opens to the bathroom, you should ideally provide intimacy to some areas such as the WC and bidet ones, which can be isolated in one cubicle. The screens made of translucent glass are the best option to separate the spaces without losing brightness. The dressing table can easily be integrated into the bedroom.
  • Rooms. A good idea to integrate the bathroom into the main bedroom is to keep the same floor tiles in both rooms, choosing hues with the same colour range to decorate both areas. The furniture unit and the cabinets should be manufactured in the same material. 
































The place where you can disconnect from the daily routine

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