Suite-N shower tray and New Step shower enclosure: Gala’s perfect solution

For those wishing to renovate their bathroom or replace their bath with a shower, Gala —leading manufacturer of bathroom products with over 50 years of history— has the most comprehensive solution: the Suite-N shower tray combined with the New Step shower enclosure.

These are two of the brand’s top products for the shower area due to their versatility and easy adaptation to any space.  Available in a wide range of dimensions (from 100 x 70 cm to 200 x 90 cm) and with the cut-to-size option, the Suite-N shower tray is ideal to adjust the bathroom dimensions as much as possible. This is a rectangular and ultraslim shower tray (3 cm high), manufactured in a combination of resins and mineral charges with an outer high-quality Gel Coat layer, and is therefore a very resistant, durable and safe shower tray (antislip). Moreover, Suite-N has a texture that replicates natural slate and is very pleasant to touch. This shower tray makes the most of innovation in its technical features and design: along with a minimalist and very clean finish, there are multiple color options, with 15 different hues to choose from, to suit every interior design. This shower tray finds its best complement in the New Step shower enclosure.  With minimalist lines and a discreet chrome frame, this shower enclosure perfectly adapts to the dimensions of the shower tray and the requirements of the bathroom, as it offers different installation options: rectangular, with front or vertex entrance and frontal, for shower trays installed between walls. New Step is a modern shower enclosure in its design and features, as it is manufactured in tempered 6 mm glass, to allow for clearness and brightness in the bathroom, and includes the easy-clean limescale treatment.    

The Suite-N shower tray and the New Step shower enclosure are the perfect combination for modern bathrooms.  

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Plato de ducha Suite-N y mampara New Step: la solución infalible de Gala
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