Gala presents the new formats and finishes of the Jade furniture unit

Gala rounds out its Jade furniture collection with a selection of new formats and finishes. An extension that responds to the company’s commitment to offering the optimum solution for each bathroom, both in terms of design and functionality.

Since its launch, Jade has become one of the most demanded furniture collections, thanks to its minimalistic look and great storage capacity. Now, and in order to adapt to the requirements of the most contemporary bathrooms, Gala adds two new formats to the range, 120 cm with double basin and 90 cm asymmetrical, as well as two new options in color that opt for a natural finish.  

The new Jade asymmetrical furniture unit (90 cm) offers a very modern design, with two drawers and one door with two internal divisions, very useful to keep your bathroom tidy. Moreover, this furniture unit, which matches the Mid basin, is very practical thanks to the available countertop space. On the other hand, the Jade 120 cm furniture unit is ideal for family bathrooms, as it includes two Smile basins and features 4 large capacity drawers. Both models are wall-hung units.

In addition to these new formats, the Jade collection also has new finishes for its different models: Nature, very light wood with veining and Oak, for interior designs that require darker tones. This is doubtlessly a commitment to the most natural finishes and textures. Gala continues to offer the Bardolino oak and the White gloss lacquer finishes in the entire range, also in the new 120 cm and 90 cm formats.

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Gala presenta los nuevos formatos y acabados del mueble Jade
Gala presenta los nuevos formatos y acabados del mueble Jade
Gala presenta los nuevos formatos y acabados del mueble Jade
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