Gala’s shower columns: a sensory experience

Making the c a true oasis of relaxation is an increasingly frequent demand, and one of the most effective formulas to achieve this is installing a shower column. As a company specializing in bathroom products, Gala offers an array of shower columns in its catalog that enhance well-being and provide relaxation.  

For a complete sensory experience, it is ideal for the shower column to have a high-flow overhead rain shower to ensure the water flow envelops the whole body, increasing the feeling of comfort. Gala’s Onis, Balance, and T-947models feature a 20-cm shower-head, while Clunia and Mena stand out for their modern design, with a Slim 25-cm shower-head and a water flow that replicates natural rain. 

In addition to the shower-head, the shower column must feature an excellent hand-shower to help users clean less accessible body parts and take quick showers while keeping their heads dry. Furthermore, the Onis, Odra, Clunia, and Mena shower columns feature three different spray positions (soft, rain, and massage), providing and all-round feeling of well-being.   

However, suppose you wish to have a small private spa at home. In that case, the Basic-N hydromassage column is the perfect solution: in addition to having the water flow from the overhead rain shower, it also features jets along the entire column for a truly enveloping and relaxing massage.  

Columnas de ducha de Gala: una experiencia sensorial
Columnas de ducha de Gala: una experiencia sensorial
Columnas de ducha de Gala: una experiencia sensorial
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