Emma Square

Washstand 50x35 cm.

REF: 27080

EMMA SQUARE compact 50 cm wash stand. In spite of its reduced size, it may be installed with pedestal, semi-pedestal, wall-hung or over-counter.
Price does not include tap fittings.

Ref 27080

01 White
Ref Product/Set Measurements
27080Washstand with overflow and fixing kit50 x 35 cm
27095Washstand with fixing kit50 x 25 cm
27085Washstand with fixing kit42 x 32 cm
27075Washstand with integrated pedestal, overflow and fixing kit48 x 37,5 cm

Washstand Emma Square 50 x 35 cm. with overflow and fixing kit. / 13 kg. / 24 units pallet. Wash-basin for over-counter or wall hung installation. May be combined with Emma furniture units.

Useful information

It is essential to take advantage of the space, that is why those products providing full use and optimization of every square meter are so important. There are options for all tastes: some are practical and functional, others are intended for minimum spaces and there are also proposals that do not disregard design.


Gala products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase of the product, only if the installation has been carried out in accordance with Gala´s installation instructions and, applying the current legislation on electrical and sanitary appliances, by authorised staff. The guarantee period for vitreous china is of 5 years.


Please check our product installation manuals.


High quality is a constant at Gala in order to guarantee the technical and aesthetic features as well as the performance of our products. Please check our product quality certificates.


Cleaning should preferably be carried out using liquid detergent and a brush or sponge. Do not scrape with metal blades or steel scourer. Every six months it is advisable to check the wastepipe connections and check that there are no leaks.

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