How to save water and energy with Gala’s new tap fittings

Reducing water and energy use at home is one of the main challenges households face today. Aware of this, and as a leading company specializing in bathroom equipment, Gala has been innovating for years with state-of-the-art technology to produce tap fittings that reduce the use of water and the energy bill in the bathroom, which is one of the areas in the house where more resources are consumed.  

The cold-opening system is one of the innovations already added to most Gala tap fittings. These faucets only allow cold water to flow when the handle is opened from its central position. This is a significant advance over conventional single-lever mixers, where the water heating system is activated when the handle is operated from the center - the most common gesture. In faucets with a cold-opening system, the water is heated only when the handle is consciously turned to the left.  This prevents the energy consumption required to heat the water for everyday actions such as washing hands. Single-lever faucets from collections such as Neila, Balance, Lora, Cubo, Clunia, and Odra already feature this innovation.  

In turn, Gala faucets offer solutions to promote water saving in the bathroom, such as a flow limiter —present in almost all brand’s collections—-, which restricts the flow of water to a maximum of liters per minute, or the two-step opening system, available in the Balance collection, which incorporates an ecological cartridge that offers two opening positions, separated by a slight resistance. In the first position, which saves up to 50% of water, the flow rate is sufficient for everyday use, while raising the handle above the resistance point provides 100% of the flow rate. 

Thanks to these innovations, Gala taps are endorsed by the European Union's Unified Water Label program, which recognizes the efficiency of products through a single label and contributes to obtaining sustainable building certificates such as BREEAM, LEED, and VERDE.  

Cómo ahorrar agua y energía en el baño con las nuevas griferías de Gala
Cómo ahorrar agua y energía en el baño con las nuevas griferías de Gala
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