Nature stripped bare

The Alley collection recalls nature in its purest essence. Simpleness, naturalness, authenticity, everything is reflected thanks to its soft textures with natural finishes.


Calm oceans

Reach out to the calm depths of a textured collection, with soft finishes and natural colors. Spaces that speak for themselves.


Modern and with a wide range of formats and complements.

It recreates a modern atmosphere in line with current trends. This is a full complete line thanks to the wide range of formats and finishes: rectified, natural and anti-slip.


The perfect ally for a natural effect

Collection inspired by natural materials that, thanks to its neutral and earthly colours, becomes a versatile complement for styles that seek warmth and natural style in their rooms.


Vastness at your feet

With a soft texture and a look that envelops you in a calm atmosphere, the Continental collection reflects the strength of serenity. Its beautiful finish provides a feeling of spaciousness to the ensemble, offering visually large, warm and elegant surfaces.


Pure essence

ESTOCOLMO follows the strong trend of cements with movement, now found in ceramics. Designed with a stroke that finalizes in a marked frame effect on its edges, it is available in three colours, grey, beige and vison and in large formats with a wide range of options. It includes a 24.6 x 101 R strip, only found until now in woods.


Soft elegance

FÁBULA is a collection inspired by the lightness of textures, small volumes combined with pieces with a soft irregular texture. The hues that make it up recreate elegant and sober atmospheres.


The modern urban character of industrial texture.

Simultaneously cool and ardent, iron is the most modern of the elements used in our series. Resistant and imposing, it transmits strength and austerity in all its finishes. Ferrum combines urban and industrial styles, offering infinite decorative possibilities.


Crafts in cement

Solid and unchanging, Lega is a sophisticated series based on cement and sheet metal. Its versatility means it adapts perfectly to any space. The Lega series allows you to conceive inspired spaces that exude artistic pliancy.


Watercolour surfaces for the canvas in each home

MALMO emulates the watercolour effect, with the extra depth provided by its glossy finish. It also comes in mosaic pieces with the shape of a right angle grid and hues that match its four base colours.


The development of the material

A floor and wall tile collection with soft tones, completed with mosaics in different stone tonalities that create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere suitable for a reinvigorating bathroom.


Organic accuracy

Soft and delicate textures, fluid lines combined with organic elements. Visual movements that create peaceful and modern atmospheres.


Balance between functionality and beauty

A very “cool” collection in cold tones and with an elongated format, for the design of very modern atmospheres. A high-quality porcelain tile with a great balance between functionality and beauty.


Discreet beauty

Spaces that convey beauty without resorting to ornaments. Relaxed colors that provide elegance and style through a collection of soft and neutral textures that bring out the beauty of spaces.


Balanced fineness

Details that offer sobriety and charm. Tour is the perfect collection to create balanced atmospheres in a combination of textures and ornamental patterns with a subtle delicateness and beauty.


Warm soul

WINTER recreates the watery colour schemes of cement, with a glossy finish and an irregular and wavy surface, just like handcrafted tiles. Its mosaics, with soft colours following the “smoothie” trend, combine with the 21.4x61 bases, obtaining warm and welcoming settings.


The light of the white colour makes spaces bigger.

Matisse in a matt finish is inspired by the pure whites.



Timeless elegance with new designs.

White is always in fashion. The glossy white bases from the Baqueira collection are joined by attractive inserts that incorporate bevels, linear reliefs and waves.
In order to create the right contrast, Baqueira also presents with imaginative mesh with black and white mosaics to create stylish decorative canvases.


White is always in fashion.

White is always in fashion. Being aware of this Gala launches Bianco Formigal. These satin white bases come with attractive inserts, bevels and linear reliefs.


Phantasy in the bathroom

A collection inspired by colour balance and geometry that provides personality to the bathroom. Let your imagination fly in relaxed atmospheres through the interplay of textures, volumes and colour finishes.


Spaces full of calmness in neutral colours

KALMA is a full-body porcelain, rectified and matt. It offers a variety of monochromatic full body pieces and a range of neutral, pure and basic colours which are now the trend in architecture and interior design.


A warm fabric to add the finishing touch to your home

The ductility of this material evokes closeness, warmth and a familiarity that inundates those spaces it occupies. Linum implies smooth textures and serene, functional colors. Perfect for complementing the solidity of stone and the audacity of metal.


Life in full colour

Colour brings life to the bathroom in this collection. A wide range of innovative colours that provide personality and soul to your bathroom.


Powerful attraction

A mixture of textures, where the structured order of geometry is highlighted by the softness and fluidity of relaxed textures. Visual attraction in relaxed environments.


Warm spaces

The Alpine collection reflects the warmth of wood turning any room into a welcoming, intimate and serene space.


Captivating nature

Porcelain tiles that radiate charm due to their inspiration in natural and wild materials, with a visual force that takes a prominent space in any room.


Nature in all its splendour

The essence of naturalness impregnates the Chablis collection, for those who love refined and warm rooms. A space that takes you closer to the most natural essence of wood under the delicate strength of porcelain material.


Natural comfort

Comfortable atmospheres with grandeur that are enveloped in textures of natural and sober finishes.


Welcoming elegance

Soft textures, which recall natural materials. A collection that provides a feeling of comfort and shelter. Soft textures and easy-to-combine colors that fill any space with elegance.


The warmth of our home

This excellent "wood", named after the Pyrenean forest, evokes the warmth of a mountain refuge. This is a wooden ceramic with character, with hints of great realism in its pattern and texture, and large 120 cm long by one hand wide formats. Fashionable aesthetics that combines the sensation of home with the latest aesthetics in urban décor.


The beauty of veining

A breath of fresh air, this series is characterized by the versatility of wood, the subtle grain of the pieces and the warmth of its colors. This series has been conceived for those who know how to appreciate timeless elegance and simplicity.


Natural and welcoming.

Sabana is a full-body ceramic tile with a wood finish in soft tones, ash, beech and dark birch, and great elegance. It allows a decorative continuity of the ceramic floor tiles in wood finish between bedroom and bathroom or living room and kitchen, and total waterproofing. It comes in large format strips, 120x19,5 cm, with rectified sides and step and baseboard pieces, providing great decoration solutions.


Weaving wood

Texere reinterprets the attributes of wood, nature’s most primitive element. Ecological and innovative, this series of woods has been conceived to permeate throughout the collection, creating joyful, warm and welcoming environments. The neutrality of sandy, dusty grays adapts harmoniously to the needs of any space, faithfully maintaining its own essence.


A natural atmosphere

Natural, original and genuine,a collection that goes beyond the limits of naturalness by offering warmth and style.


Sophisticated distinction

RIALTO is a collection for elegant spaces, which provide a unique personality, with a delicate and sophisticated taste. Natural colours and light textures of palace marbles for a serene and magnificent atmosphere.


Genuine elegance

The elegance of its colors, textures and shapes provides a delicate aesthetic sense that envelops spaces in pure elegance.


Classic and filled with personality

Renovated classic marble, with visual effects in its texture and color that provide spaces with an exclusive personality.


Subtle beauty

A striking collection that stands out for the fineness of its shapes. Soft and calm textures that frame spaces within a timeless and elegant style.


A charming force

Its texture and color recreate enveloping spaces, with strength and personality. The force of naturalness turns this collection into an elegant and enveloping decorative resource.


Classic nobleness

Style filled with distinction, delicateness and color harmony. Spaces filled with light and reflections that transform all rooms into noble spaces.


Art is all around

The Melrouse collection is the result of the fusion of the classic and a combination of tones and textures, turning any space into a canvas.


Modern contrasts

A collection with a modern and timeless space and its own personality where the different contrasts create atmospheres with unique personalities.


Textured charm

Combinations of textures that balance any atmosphere. Soft hues that provide harmony to spaces.


Soft reflections

Polished porcelain tiles that fill spaces with soft, clear and elegant reflections.


Stylish distinction

Delicate and fluid solemnity, a combination of pleasant and delicate textures that provide lightness to any space.


Sublime elegance

Modern styles blend with the solemnity of classic atmospheres. A visual combination enhanced by unique finishes.


When the stone designs the space

Soft cold tones and a delicate contrast with its stone or wood textured mosaics are the features of the Aitana model.
A collection which is able to cover the bathroom or kitchen walls with design, creating borders or canvases with a net of stones in pastel colours or with wood to match a ceramic parquet flooring.


Color fluidity

As if it were a sea of color, this porcelain collection conveys a fluid, striking and elegant beauty.


A renovated classic

A collection that recalls timelessness through a classic design with a renovated, modern and elegant finish. Spaces full of style with serene floor and wall tiles.


Light atmosphere

MAGIA recreates light atmospheres, the softness of the speckled stone texture creates movement and enhances the room providing a unique personality to floors and walls.


Natural roots in a contemporary style

LAPONIA is inspired by fired clay slabs, worn away, nearly rusted, is a versatile range of aged cotto cement. The clay colour shows shade variations, resembling the changes in hues present in natural materials. This range offers an array of graphic combinations-with more than 36 different sides and 4 different reliefs- and in 3 formats with a wide range of options.


On the foothills of the volcano.

Mystery, refinement and audacity come together in this series, inspired by volcanic rock. Mine is an elegant replication of the timeless scars that score the surface of the rock, giving each piece its own, unmistakable character.


The force of nature

A modern collection in dark colors that fills spaces with beauty due to its powerful visual richness. The Nordest collection plays with modern textures and finishes, without disregarding the natural concept of stone.


A wave of warmth

Textures that slide and flow naturally. Soft textures that recall breezy movements in their shapes. Spaces delve into a unique and elegant calmness.


Different reasons to love stone

Stone is the timeless witness to the transformative power of nature. The imposing solidity of stone as a raw material is transformed by our designers to create pieces in neutral tones, used to conceive spaces that are unique in their originality. Fortis combines beautifully with metals and fabrics.


Smooth covering

TABARCA is a collection that covers spaces with a warm softness, relaxed atmospheres with soft and neutral colours to be perfectly combined with any setting. Perfectly finished full body pieces, creating an enveloping and delicate visual continuity.


Sobriety and elegance

Porcelain tiles in a very natural finish, made up of different natural colors and serene textures.

20 MM

A modern flair

The ideal collection to achieve trendy, modern and customized environments with a combination of textures and volumes.


A personal style

Different formats for different spaces. A collection with its own personality. With trendy and modern colors and geometrical combinations that will make the most of spaces.


Creamy textures

The Chalk collection creates a visual effect in line with modern trends. Textures that create natural and pleasant atmospheres.


Visual geometry

A collection filled with details, geometrical designs that envelop spaces with a modern and visually rich style, creating minimalistic volumes of rare beauty.


Wild nature

If you wish to create a natural atmosphere, this collection offers spaces inspired by forest botany. A balance of color and texture that makes any room a pleasant one by means of a very modern trend.


Structured aesthetics

The visual combination of this collection turns any room into a structured and modern space. Character and personality for those who love order and visual dynamism.


Return to origins

Delicate and renovated pieces that recall a classic reinforced by the fineness of their finishes. Modern and discreet atmospheres.


Ceramic tiles

Cerámica Audry
Cerámica Block
Cerámica Chalk
Cerámica Elite
Cerámica Jungle
Cerámica Matiz
Cerámica Montmatre
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