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The 2022 Novelties are full of solutions, designed for your modern and young bathroom.

Faucets for the bathroom and kitchen and shower solutions, among many other novelties.


Gala-Innova is a groundbreaking solution in personal higiene and confort.

A shower toilet that innovates in technology, functionality and design to offer users a unique experience. Ready to join the revolution?


Flowing, the experience with Gala.

Regardless of the style you require, you will enjoy a flowing experience with our tap fittings. That moment when you discover that your decision conveys the exact sensations you had imagined for your space.



DESIGN YOUR BATHROOM WITH 3Dgala   Visit our gallery with bathroom projects   

3Dgala decorates, creates and designs your bathroom.

If you wish to create your complete bathroom project with Gala, now you are able to do it. 

A design tool, easy to use and with great results, that offers all possibilities to create your style of bathroom. And if you are an advanced user, stay with us in the 3Dgala community. 



Sustainability applied to manufacturing processes.

Due to the methods applied in its manufacturing process and the systematic implementation of sustainable measures on its products, Cerámicas Gala has been chosen by ANAS (National Association for Sustainable Architecture), as one of the sustainable companies in the building sector. 




The new bathroom, a pleasure for all senses, a space for regeneration.

Health and physical and emotional balance opposite to the daily stress, these are the bases of the equipment of the new bathroom that includes hydromassage, chromotherapy, aromatherapy… and great doses of well-being.

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