Shona Modular

Combinable modules designed to create the composition that adapts best to your needs easily.

Unlock your creative side, design your furniture unit, choose a nish and the over countertop wash-basin and enjoy your new bathroom.

Customizing your bathroom space is so easy, and you have so many options that you will start enjoying it even before it is ready.

Steps to enjoy your new bathroom:

1. Choose the modular units with drawers you need.
2. Combine them with as many open modules as you wish.
3. Choose the right countertop to cover them. If necessary, combine more than one.
4. And finally, select a wash-basin from all available models.

Measure the available space and combine the storage modules and shelves that adapt best to your needs.
There are various sizes with endless combination possibilities and two different fnishes.

Choose the one you prefer, along with the countertop and a Gala wash-basin and you will have the bathroom you have always dreamt of.
It couldn't be easier, wouldn't you say?

Two available finishes
to have the bathroom
you had imagined.

Modern and timeless nishes that are soft to the touch, in line with the latest interior design and decoration trends.

Choose between the brightness, the combination possibilities with all kinds of wall tiles and the timelessness of Matt White or the delicateness, serenity, balance and newness of Matt Galet
Grey to create the bathroom atmosphere that matches your personality.

Or if you prefer, combine them, as your imagination has no limits.
Moreover, some basins let you choose between different color options to have the bathroom you really like.

With Shona Modular choose
and create your customized bathroom
furniture unit:

Already have your design?
Find the nearest gala store.

The modules of the "Shona Modular" range have been designed to last and provide the necessary comfort we all wish for in a bathroom. Perfect finishes, strong structures, user-friendly drawers with full extraction, silent "Soft Close" or rails by the renowned manufacturer "Hettich" are some of the standard features you may find. Quality is not optional, with "Shona Modular" Gala's quality is always included.

Let others do the thinking.

Ok, we get it, it is your day o and you want to relax. Out of the dozens of possibilities "Shona Modular" offers, we have thought about a few options to let inspiration flow.
Take a look and if any of them suits you, choose the basins and that's it!
Minimum eort and the best possible result ;-)

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