Soft, by Gala, a basin with an elegant, modern, and versatile design

Nothing is superfluous in Soft’s design, which is why this Gala basin has become one of the stars of the brand’s latest catalog. The ideal choice for renovations that seek to add a new and timeless look to bathrooms, the Soft basin stands out for its delicate oval shape and the elegance and sophistication of its design.

It is a versatile over-countertop model, and thanks to its 57.5 x 45 cm dimensions, it adapts to small bathrooms with a narrow basin area and to family bathrooms with enough space for two basins.

This ceramic basin in gloss finish has no overflow or tap hole, making it the perfect option for the various high-neck or built-in mixers included in Gala’s product range.

Soft is one of the highlights of the 2023 catalog, thanks to its multiple combination possibilities with other products, such as the new Shona Modular range, which offers customers the option of designing their bathroom furniture unit by combining various modules and choosing the basin they prefer. In addition to Soft, there are over thirty different basins in this catalog, with multiple installation options: over-countertop, in countertop, semi-recessed, or vanity. There are also many different designs to choose from: round, oval, square, and rectangular. Likewise, these basins are available in various colors, gloss and matt finishes. In conclusion, this comprehensive catalog consolidates Gala’s position as a leading brand in bathroom products.


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