In order to keep the beauty and elegance of Gala´s ceramic tiles, a regular cleaning of the material with conventional methods is recommended.
Any remnants of dust and solids may be eliminated through sweeping or vacuuming.

No dust mops with silicone or wax should be used.

The cleaning of the surface should be carried out with neutral soap, using the quantity of hot water recommended by the manufacturer.

Cleaning products containing polish, wax or any similar additives should not be used as, over time, they can leave a waterproof coating on the tiles that will modify their appearance.

We recommend the use of doormats, which should be kept clean, at the access to the tiled areas, in order to avoid the entrance of abrasive elements.

A special care is recommended in areas near to beaches or building sites as these may be a source of sand or stones.

Protective pads should be placed on objects that may scratch the product when moved (metal legs from tables, chairs, etc.). This protection should be even more rigorous if the surface is tiled with glossy or satin products.  

We enclose a chart showing the different cleaning products suitable for each type of stain:

Type of stain

Cleaning agent

Oil, Ink, Felt-tip pen, Tomato, Fruit, Chocolate, Grease.

Organic solvent: alcohol, turpentine or acetone
Liquid or powder alkaline detergent, bicarbonate.

Tar, Rubber, Shoe polish, Paint, Grafitti, Wax, Resin, Felt-tip pen,
Nail polish.

Organic solvent: alcohol, turpentine or acetone.

Coffee, Ice cream, Nicotine, Wine.

Liquid or power alkaline detergent.

Lime, Cement, Beer, Metal deposits, Soft-drinks, Juices.

Diluted acids: vinegar, hydrochloric acid.

Glue, Chewing gum, Rubber.

Organic solvent: alcohol, turpentine or acetone
Diluted acids: hydrochloric acid.

Blood, Mercurochrome, Iodine.

Oxidant: Hydrogen peroxide.

Products containing hydrofluoric acid should never be used, only the ones included in the previous chart.

All recommended products may be easily found in hardware stores and shopping centres.

Special instructions for polished porcelain tiles:

Once all tiles have been installed and after having removed the excess cement, grouting or any other building material, a “greasy” layer might appear on the surface of some polished products, due to the inertisation (stain-proof) treatment applied.

Should this occur, Gala recommends the cleaning of the surface with dry cleaning products (powder detergents), and once this thin layer has been eliminated, the tile should be cleaned with the above mentioned products.

On the other hand, extreme lighting conditions may cause reflections and shadows due to the high degree of gloss and the special features of the product.

Stains should be cleaned immediately.


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