Gala’s freestanding baths: comfort and luxury within everyone’s reach

If we had to choose one bathroom equipment piece that represents comfort and design, that would be the freestanding bath. This evolution of conventional baths responds to the need of providing new designs and products that respond to the aesthetic needs of modern bathrooms. Originally aimed at the hotel sector, today freestanding baths are a luxury within everyone’s reach. Aware of this trend, Gala offers two freestanding baths in its catalogue: Mid and Ópera

Mid is an elegant and trendy model. With straight and fine lines, it is a bath with a sophisticated design, ideal for more contemporary bathrooms and spaces. Its rectangular shape (170 x 73.7 cm) is ideal for a pleasant experience, as it makes the most of the inner space of the bathtub. Moreover, Mid is an acrylic bath, an outstanding material for this type of equipment as it enables the production of lighter models that are easier to clean.    

On the other hand, the Ópera freestanding bath is a treat for the senses. A model that brings back classic baths with fine lines and a very appealing design. Conceived to be the center of attention in any bathroom interior design, this bath is available in two finishes: the classic gloss white and an original gloss black. This freestanding bath with panel and ample dimensions (180 x 80 x 55 cm) provides plenty of space for the most comfortable experience. Moreover, it is also a very safe bath, as its base features an antislip treatment to prevent accidents.  

Being manufactured in enameled steel, the Ópera bath is especially resistant to scratches and its solid finish withstands any temperature changes and the use of chemical cleaning agents.  

As a leading company in comprehensive bathroom equipment, Gala also offers the possibility of combining the freestanding baths with its Balance floorstanding tap fittings. This model, with a tubular design, optimizes efficiency in the bathroom thanks to its eco-friendly cartridge with a two-step opening system.  

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Bañeras exentas de Gala: confort y lujo al alcance de todos
Bañeras exentas de Gala: confort y lujo al alcance de todos
Bañeras exentas de Gala: confort y lujo al alcance de todos
Bañeras exentas de Gala: confort y lujo al alcance de todos
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