Smartbox by Gala: the smart solution for built-in tap fittings

How easy everything is when things are made easy for you! Smartbox, the solution for Gala’s built-in tap fittings, is that assistance that changes everything when renovating a bathroom.

Suitable for the built-in installation of wash-basin, shower or bath faucets, Smartbox saves time as its installation is very simple and it allows the placing of the built-in part during the renovation works. This avoids subsequent damage to the coating and surface of the faucet, thereby diminishing the risk of leaks.    

Aware of the challenges posed by some spaces, Gala has designed the Smartbox tap fittings as a versatile solution, based on a universal box, manufactured in one single polypropylene piece, a material that is very stable and resistant ensuring the maximum durability and that adapts to different wall thicknesses.  

But the benefits of Smartbox go beyond its installation and reach the consumer’s daily use: the body of the faucet, manufactured in high-quality materials, is very resistant and protected against corrosion. It features a system that absorbs the vibrations and noises of pipes, greatly reducing the sound level in the bathroom. Because a relaxing bath or shower also start with the right installation.

Gala’s new faucet ranges —CuboGadeaOdraNeilaHazaLoraClunia and Mena— offer the possibility of integrating the Smartbox system, so aesthetics will not be a problem in any case. Regardless of the style you wish to choose for your bathroom, customers will find their favorite Smartbox faucet in Gala’s catalogue.

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Smartbox de Gala: la solución inteligente para griferías empotradas
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