Cold start system: Gala’s proposal to save energy in the bathroom

Reducing the waste of energy in the bathroom. That is the goal of the cold start system, a solution incorporated to most Gala faucets with the aim of favoring sustainability in our homes.

All faucets with this system only allow cold water to flow when opening the handle in its central position. This is an important step forward with regard to conventional single-lever faucets, which activate the water heating system when opening the handle in its central position. In the case of faucets with the cold start system, water is heated only when the handle is turned to the left. Thanks to its opening angle, a mixture of water at different temperatures is obtained until reaching the desired one, as in any other single-lever faucet.

This is a simple gesture that, on the one hand, allows a considerable reduction of the use of energy in our everyday actions in the bathroom and on the other hand, benefits the customer thanks to the savings linked to the expense generated by the boiler.

The cold start system can be found in a wide selection of Gala faucets: the new 2019 collections Clunia, Mena and Lora incorporate this feature in its different single-lever basin models, while other popular ranges such as Balance, Line and Cosmo include the cold start system in the single-lever faucet for basin and bidet.

Gala is a company fully committed to sustainability and the care of the environment, which has been innovating for many years to obtain better solutions for the optimization of water and energy in the bathroom.   

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Sistema de apertura en frío: la propuesta de Gala para el ahorro energético en el baño
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