Rociadores gran formato de Gala, estética y wellness en la ducha

Singing in the rain. That’s the film that comes to mind when enjoying a shower under one of Gala’s large shower-heads. Not only because the experience is much more enveloping and pleasant, but thanks to its large size and enhanced water distribution, it seems that our body is being covered by a fine rain shower.  

In addition to the enjoyable feeling it provides, a wall-mounted shower-head is also very decorative. With visually light aesthetics, it adds a touch of style, being a very popular option in bathroom interior designs with urban and cosmopolitan inspiration.

Whether in round designs or square models, all Gala’s shower heads in combination with built-in tap fittings have a minimum diameter of 20 cm, the optimum dimension to fully cover the body of an adult.  

Thus, models are available, both with square and round designs, in the following diameters: 20, 25, 30 and 40 cm in a chrome shiny finish. And for those interior designs that opt for dark details filled with elegance, Gala has designed a black round shower-head with a diameter of 24 cm, including a wall arm. Clearly, the finishing touch that makes all the difference in the bathroom.

The final result of this Gala proposal is a wide range of shower-heads in combination with built-in tap fittings, which thanks to the brand’s new Smartbox system can be installed while all masonry work is being done, saving considerable time during assembly.

In addition to all these features, Gala’s shower-heads include the anti-limescale system “easy clean”, which prevents the obstruction of the water outlets, maintaining the same flow over time and allowing a unique experience.

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Rociadores gran formato de Gala, estética y wellness en la ducha
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