Lya, Gala’s mirror with retractable light and demister device

Gala presents its new bathroom mirror, Lya, a very modern model that follows the latest trends in design and functionality. With a rounded outline and a minimalistic spirit, it is a versatile frameless mirror that adapts to the different decorative spaces.

As for its functional features, Lya incorporates energy-saving LED lighting (12W) and a retractable position, that is, on the rear perimeter of the mirror. Thus, in addition to offering integral lighting for the personal hygiene area, it also creates a really welcoming atmosphere in the bathroom.

Moreover, the Lya mirror includes a demister device that prevents the mirror from misting up even when there is a high degree of humidity in the bathroom.

Due to its dimensions, with a diameter of 75 cm in its useful area, it is also the ideal mirror to install on its own or to create combinations in bathrooms with large countertops and/or several basins.  

With the addition of Lya to its catalogue, Gala rounds off its mirror collection, whose range includes options for different needs in terms of interior design and functionality in the bathroom: rectangular, square, with external lighting or LED light integrated into the mirror’s surface.

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Lya, el espejo de Gala con luz retráctil y sistema antivaho
Lya, el espejo de Gala con luz retráctil y sistema antivaho
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