Guide for the correct disinfection and hygiene in the bathroom

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of good cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the house, particularly the bathroom. Gala, a leading company in bathroom equipment, has drawn up a "Guide to correct disinfection and hygiene in the bathroom", which adapts the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the correct maintenance of bathroom furniture, ensuring that it lasts longer in the best conditions. 

  1. Clean the surfaces with the greatest contact daily: knobs, switches, worktops, taps... To do this, it is sufficient to use a cloth moistened in soapy water, which is then washed at 60º.
  2. For a correct disinfection of the bathroom, it is essential to carry out a previous superficial cleaning, which eliminates the dust or remains of dirt. 
  3. The toilet is the equipment that accumulates the most germs and bacteria; it is important to clean it separately from the rest of the furniture, using a cloth and a sponge especially for this piece. The toilet bowl is disinfected, inside and out, with a water-bleach mixture (10 ml bleach to 490 ml water) and a sponge. Never use a metal scouring pad, as this can damage the surface of the porcelain. After lyeing, rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth. 
  4. The toilet seat and lid, due to their manufacturing characteristics, should not be disinfected with bleach; they should be cleaned with a sponge or cloth moistened with water and soap. Along the same lines, if an abrasive disinfectant product is placed in the bowl, it is important not to lower the lid, since the emission of gases can damage the toilet lid. 
  5. The bath, shower and sink are disinfected with the same water and bleach mixture as the toilet, but be careful to use a different cloth than the one used on the toilet.
  6. The bathroom furniture is always cleaned with soap and water and a cloth or sponge that does not scratch the surface.
  7. For the disinfection of the screen you can use the same mixture of water and bleach as in other equipment, but in this case you have to differentiate the cleaning of the profiles and the glass. Start by applying the mixture directly to the profiles with a cloth or spray, rinse with water and dry well with a clean cloth. Do the same with the leaves, but, so that the glass shines and there are no marks from the cleaning, after the disinfection with bleach do a cleaning with a glass cleaner or with water and soap and dry very well. 
  8. Accessories such as soap dishes or toothbrush containers can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 
  9. Invest in the right equipment. Gala rimless toilets guarantee optimum hygiene with very little effort. Their flangeless design prevents dirt from accumulating in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, as is the case with conventional toilets. In addition, Gala has incorporated an innovative flushing system into its rimless toilets which allows the water to reach the entire inner surface of the bowl, facilitating proper cleaning after each use.
  10. It relies on the electronic faucets, which are activated by simply moving your hand close to the sensor on the faucet. This solution, traditionally reserved for public spaces, can also be a great solution to prevent the transmission of microorganisms in the tap, since it avoids touching the tap before washing hands.   

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Guía para la correcta desinfección e higiene en el baño
Guía para la correcta desinfección e higiene en el baño
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