Thermostatic tap fittings: Gala’s proposal for comfort and savings in the bathroom

To offer a continuous and relaxing experience in the shower or bath, without changes, and in a sustainable way. That is the aim of thermostatic tap fittings; a solution integrated into many of Gala’s shower taps to encourage well-being and savings in the bathroom.

With a simple hand gesture, thermostatic taps can transform the entire shower or bath experience. Not only do they avoid uncomfortable changes in the water flow —even if another tap is opened in a different room— they adjust the water temperature immediately and precisely, maintaining it every time the tap is opened. In addition to providing greater comfort, they are a sustainable alternative for saving water and energy in the bathroom.

Thermostatic technology can be found in many bath and shower mixers and Gala’s shower columns. Like the T 947 range, a novelty in the 2021 catalog, or other collections such as Balance, Onis, and Klys, which also include thermostatic models for shower and bath and a practical shower set.

Regarding safety features, all models include the 38ºC Safe Stop safety system, which prevents water from involuntarily exceeding 38°C. Very practical to prevent burns, especially if there are kids at home.

In addition, Gala’s thermostatic tap fittings integrate low-noise technology and our unique chrome-plating formula: the G-LAST technology. It is a method that makes Gala faucets scratch-resistant, keeping their original shine over time.

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