Gala presents its new shower tray, Suite-N, with 15 finishes to choose from

Gala presents Suite-N, a shower tray with an elegant design and outstanding technical solutions that greatly increase the customization options in the bathroom. With 15 different finishes to choose from and the cut-to-size option, it has been conceived to respond to the changing needs that might arise in the different spaces and interior designs.

Manufactured in a combination of resins and mineral charges, this shower tray ensures safety and the durability of the piece. In this sense, it is an impact-resistant model, with an outer high quality ISO NPG-H Gel Coat layer and a Class III anti-slip treatment.

Moreover, Suite-N is an extremely functional shower tray. Extra-slim and only 3 cm high, it favors accessibility by minimizing architectural barriers in the bathroom.

From an aesthetic perspective, Suite-N stands out for the minimalism of its design and a delicate textured finish, which replicates natural slate. The shower tray is available in 15 colors, ranging from the more traditional like black or white to really striking ones, like taupe, olive grey or wenge. The shower tray is rounded off by a square small-sized trimming with a sober design.

This shower tray is fully adaptable to different spaces, as it offers a cut-to-size option with minimum dimensions of 65 x 80 cm and a maximum size of 90 x 200 cm; as well as a wide range of standard dimensions.

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Gala presenta su nuevo plato de ducha, Suite-N, con 15 acabados para elegir
Gala presenta su nuevo plato de ducha, Suite-N, con 15 acabados para elegir
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