Gala adds the Rimless system to twelve bathroom collections

Gala continues to commit to technological innovation to maximize comfort and hygiene in the bathroom and adds the Rimless system to 12 toilets in its catalog.  

Hence, to put technology at the service of hygiene, Gala now offers a new generation of toilets defined by their rimless design, an evolution in design and innovation, intending to achieve maximum cleanliness.

In this sense, Gala’s Rimless toilets feature an entirely uniform inner wall, avoiding any nooks or angles where dirt might build up and improving the water flow inside the bowl, reaching higher up.

Gala’s new Rimless system also includes an innovative flush that homogeneously propels water with greater force, covering the entire bowl and achieving a more thorough rinse than a conventional toilet without any splashing.

Gala’s bathroom collections include this technology in 12 toilets, in different formats and designs, to respond to various style requirements in the bathroom.

The Emma, Emma Square, and Mid collections and the Gala-Innova shower toilet have Rimless toilets in their back-to-wall and wall-hung versions.  In addition, the Eos back-to-wall version and the wall-hung Coral are also available with a Rimless bowl. Finally, this avant-garde feature can also be found in the Aris collection, with close-coupled S and P trap toilets.

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Gala incorpora el sistema Rimless a un total de doce sanitarios de sus colecciones  más exitosas
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