Gala-Innova, the shower toilet that takes personal hygiene to a new level

The toilet that takes personal hygiene and comfort in the bathroom to a new dimension. This is Gala-Innova, the Gala shower toilet. A model that responds to a new generation of toilets in which technology takes control and uses the power of water to achieve a deeper, softer and more efficient intimate cleaning.

In this sense, the Gala shower toilet is the most intelligent and complete solution for hygiene in the bathroom, offering a customizable user experience that adapts to the preferences of each user. Thus, Gala-Innova incorporates a cannula for intimate hygiene with two positions -anal and perianal- and different use options: the user can regulate the position of the cannula, the intensity of the water pressure and its temperature. For a perfect cleaning experience, the toilet includes a drying function, where the air temperature is also adjustable. All these options are controlled from a very simple and intuitive remote control, although the main functions of the shower toilet can also be directed from a control panel located on the side of the toilet.

The nozzle of this shower toilet is self-cleaning and can be easily removed for manual cleaning. This toilet has also been designed with the Rimless+ system, whose refined flangeless design allows the flush water to clean the entire interior of the toilet evenly and efficiently. For the exterior, Gala-Innova has an easy to clean surface and the seat is completely removable, which also facilitates the task of maintenance.

Gala-Innova is a very versatile shower toilet not only because of its performance, but also because of its design, which adapts to all styles of interior design. It is an elegant and modern model that is also available in a suspended or BTW (wall mounted) version.

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Gala·Innova, el shower toilet que lleva la higiene personal a un nuevo nivel
Gala·Innova, el shower toilet que lleva la higiene personal a un nuevo nivel
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