A brand new en suite bathroom with Gala

Nowadays, you don’t have to stay at a hotel to enjoy the comfort of an en suite bathroom. This upward trend only present in hotels a few years ago has become very popular and can now be found in homes with modern interior designs, which is not surprising, as it is an appealing, practical and timeless solution.

The benefits of integrating the bathroom into the bedroom are endless. The feeling of intimacy increases and the bedroom is transformed into a unique universe where you can forget your daily stress and relax by taking a bath. If you also have a dressing room or closet at hand, the result is a global space that combines daily hygiene habits and early morning routines, like getting dressed.

Aware of this, Gala presents 3 ideas to create a very practical en suite bathroom:

  • For the basin area, the Emma Square furniture unit, which stands out for its straight lines and rounded edges, and also for its wide range of models (60 x 45 cm, 80 x 45 cm and 120 x 45 cm). With two different finishes, Natural Oak and Wooden White, both provide a natural and casual look. Its two large drawers will be the perfect partners to keep everything tidy. Likewise, all models in the Emma Square line have been designed to be combined with over countertop basins and mirrors of that same collection.
  • For the wet zone, the freestanding Mid bath (170 x 73.7 cm), a model with outstanding design, minimalistic lines and delicate curves, elegant and spacious, ideal for open-concept interior designs. Mid is an acrylic bath, highly durable and very pleasant to touch.
  • To round out this Gala proposal, the Balance floor-standing mixer for bath (95 x 32.2 cm). A single lever tap designed to perfectly fit into the architecture of the bathroom and the perfect complement for a freestanding bath thanks to its tubular design. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is a very practical solution with an ecological cartridge that reduces water consumption by up to 50%.

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Estrena un baño en suite con Gala
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