Efficiency and design in Cubo, Gala’s new range of taps

Aesthetic, functional and environmentally-friendly. Meet Cubo, Gala’s new collection of taps, a perfect model to complement the design of modern bathrooms without foregoing efficiency at home.

Cubo’s careful design is one of its main assets. With an outline of square lines and a chrome finish, this single-lever tap features a simple yet technologically efficient design.  Cubo incorporates the cold start opening, which contributes to energy savings in the bathroom. This system only allows cold water to flow when opening the lever in its central position, which is the most common, thus preventing the unnecessary heating of water for everyday uses. Moreover, Cubo taps are also very sustainable, as they feature a flow limiter, which reduces the flow of water to 5 liters per minute, regardless of the position of the lever. This technology is endorsed by the Unified Water Label European program, which assesses the efficiency in the consumption of water and energy of a product.  

This is also a comprehensive collection that adapts to the different needs of every bathroom: a single-lever tap with standard height, for vanity basins or basins with taphole; and a single-lever mixer with high spout, ideal to be installed along over-counter basins. Likewise, Cubo also has a model for bidet and different options for shower and bath: built-in single-lever shower mixers with Smartbox, which is very easy to install, and shower and bath kits.

The Cubo collection also stands out for its performance and design quality, which is one of Gala’s priorities. Thus, these taps have been manufactured as part of the Eco-G program, which guarantees the use of recycled materials and maximum respect for the environment during the entire development process. Moreover, all alloys used in their production are included in the “European Positive List” (for the non-migration of dangerous materials into the water).  

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Eficiencia y diseño en Cubo, la nueva serie de grifería de Gala
Eficiencia y diseño en Cubo, la nueva serie de grifería de Gala
Eficiencia y diseño en Cubo, la nueva serie de grifería de Gala
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