Discover Gala’s new range of touchless tap fittings

As easy as placing your hand close to the single-lever tap. Gala’s new line of touchless tap fittings guarantee maximum hygiene and comfort without contact, it is therefore the ideal solution both for public bathrooms and homes.  

Thanks to its motion sensor, Gala’s electronic tap fittings are perfect to avoid any contact with the faucet and are very reliable, as the water flow stops when the sensor does not detect any presence, avoiding any waste of water. These tap fittings offer two important advantages: they are the perfect solution to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria in the bathroom and they contribute to saving water at home.  

Usually reserved for their use in public spaces, lately end-users are also demanding touchless solutions, as they are much more hygienic. Aware of this, Gala has completed its line of electronic tap fittings with a very trendy mixer, ideal to round out the interior design of the most modern bathrooms. This new single lever tap is available in two models, with one single water inlet or with a mixer with two inlets (cold and hot water). Furthermore, for those who prefer to opt for a more classic design, the brand keeps the electronic tap with a tubular design in its range, one of the bestsellers in the last few years. In both cases, the tap works with a power connection (220V) or with a battery system.

Gala’s touchless mixers round out the tap fittings catalogue of the brand, which has focused on this business line in 2021 with the addition of new references, having at present more than thirty different collections.  

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Descubre la nueva línea de grifería touchless de Gala
Descubre la nueva línea de grifería touchless de Gala
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