When wellbeing starts with a small revolution in the bathroom

There are decisions that change everything. Choosing a shower toilet for the bathroom instead of a conventional toilet is one of them. Gala·Innova, Gala’s new generation of WCs, is that small revolution that will change everything in the bathroom.

Always focusing on personal wellbeing, Gala·Innova makes the most of the power of water to provide a softer and more efficient intimate hygiene, discarding the use of toilet paper or wet wipes forever. With a very simple and intuitive use, this toilet can be operated using a remote control that allows users to fully customize their experience: adjustment of the nozzle position (for anal and perianal cleaning), the water pressure and its temperature as well as the pressure and temperature of the air.  

In order to ensure complete hygiene, the nozzle of the shower toilet cleans itself before and after every use, but it can also be removed easily to be manually cleaned when needed.  

Wellbeing and comfort that go beyond its personal use in Gala·Innova. With very similar dimensions to a conventional toilet and with the performance of a bidet, this new generation of sanitary fittings is ideal to optimize the space in the bathroom. Very modern in its wall-hung version and also available in a back to wall option, Gala·Innova also has a minimalistic look, with a very trendy rounded design and clean lines, that is why it is perfectly integrated in any interior design regardless of its style.  


 Cuando el bienestar empieza por una pequeña revolución en el baño
 Cuando el bienestar empieza por una pequeña revolución en el baño
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