Planet cabin by Gala, the most comfortable hydrotherapy option

Gala’s hydromassage cabin Planet is the most practical, comfortable and affordable solution to enjoy the well-being of hydrotherapy at home. A cabin that stands out for its sophisticated design and for its comprehensive performance.

Planet offers important benefits for our health and well-being, as it has invigorating and relaxing effects, calms muscular discomfort, contributes to improve blood circulation and helps to fight stress.

Within its Planet hydromassage line, Gala offers two different models. Planet Basic is an hydromassage cabin with adjustable jets that apply different water jets providing a comprehensive massage on our entire body or on specific areas. This cabin features a large overhead rain shower that envelops the whole body delivering a pleasant feeling of freshness, while the pulsating jets offer three types of massage on the neck, lower back, back and calf areas. On the other hand, the Planet Wellness model takes a step further and adds a steam system to the hydromassage features, turning the cabin into a hydrosauna, aromatherapy with essential oils and a specific mode for lymphatic massage.

For its design, modern and elegant, Planet is a cabin that fits well into any kind of interior design. Moreover, the customer can choose from the combination he/she likes best, as both the side and front panels can be combined in black and white, as well as the lever. At the front and on the other side, the cabin is closed with an enclosure made of tempered glass and total transparency. To adapt more easily to the space, Planet Basic is available in three different sizes (90 x 75 cm, 100 x 80 cm and 120 x 80 cm) and Planet Wellness can be chosen in 100 x 80 cm or 120 x 80 cm.

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Cabina Planet de Gala, la opción más  cómoda de hidroterapia
Cabina Planet de Gala, la opción más  cómoda de hidroterapia
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