Metal Line is sophistication.

An original, elegant and delicate collection that has been specially designed to transform the bathroom into an exclusive and contemporary space. Wash basins that are an authentic treasure and that combine the deepest-rooted of decorative traditions – gold, silver and bronze – with the most modern of tendencies: the metallic finish.


Sensuality and style characterise Klea, a series whose oval silhouette and very fine lines reveal a taste for distinction that few wash basin models enjoy. Gold, silver and bronze make for an impeccable and extremely modern finish.


Modernity is the word that best describes Emma Square, a wash basin whose design raises the aesthetic sense of this collection to the maximum level. The purity of its lines finds the perfect complement in the metallic finish, making this a unique and very contemporary model.


With its markedly classical style, Bowl is a true delight. Its design, which goes beyond current tendencies, allows for diverse interior design options with the wash basin becoming the essence of the bathroom. Glamour in its purest state.