Basic-N Thermostatic 140x22

REF: 80136

Stainless steel hydromassage column with overhead rain shower, to turn your time in the shower into a unique experience.

Ref 80136

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80136Basic-N140 x 22 cm

Basic-N thermostatic hydromassage column 140x22 cm. / 14 kg / 12 units pallet. Thermostatic tap fittings. Stainless steel body. Integrated rectangular large size overhead rain shower. Wide upper and lower body jets for a surround effect massage. Hand-shower and holder included Front installation.

Useful information

Gala shower columns have a stylish and elegant design created to fit into any bathroom with an easy installation. It is possible to obtain different results depending on the intensity and temperature of the water. Generally: higher intensity, toning effects; lower intensity, relaxing effects. And in temperature settings: cold (30º -35 º C.), mainly toning effects. Neutral (36º -37 º C.), relaxing effects. Hot (38º -39 º C.), muscle treatment.


Gala products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase of the product, only if the installation has been carried out in accordance with Gala´s installation instructions and, applying the current legislation on electrical and sanitary appliances, by authorised staff. The guarantee period for this product is of 2 years.


Please check our product installation manuals.


High quality is a constant at Gala in order to guarantee the technical and aesthetic features as well as the performance of our products. Please check our product quality certificates.


Cleaning should be carried out using a soft sponge, soap and water. After cleaning, it should be dried so as to prevent limescale forming. No abrasive products, solvents or objects that could damage the surface should be used. For cleaning chromed or lacquered surfaces use a damp, slightly soaped cloth. Most of our shower columns - the jets, hand showers and sprinklers - are fitted with "Easy Clean" anti-limescale devices. By pressing the jet inwards and/or removing the shower heads, any limescale that may have formed will come away and later be washed away by the flow of water.

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