• Large round rain shower to provide a feeling of rain inside the cabin.
  • Touch-screen control panel for the use of the radio.
  • Continuous massage for those days when you need to relax.
  • Light.
  • Steam outlet with 3 climates for the enjoyment of a Turkish bath.
  • Aromatherapy stimulating our senses.

Hydromassage enclosure Wellness. Right

Equipped with triple function jets that provide active massages on the neck, lower back, back and calf areas. It offers a hydrosauna that enables the combination of aromatherapy and steam, with purifying and regenerative effects.


Hydromassage enclosure

REF: 80543

The hydrosauna model of the PLANET cabin allows the use of aromatherapy together with steam, while its advanced system generates purifying and invigorating effects.
Configuration: Panel 1 white, 2 black, control A
Retail price:

Ref 80543

00 No colour
Ref Product/Set Measurements €/u
80543Planet Wellness enclosure120 x 80 cm

Planet Wellness enclosure. White/Black/Control A/ 133 kg./ 1 unit pallet. Digital panel, radio, light, steam bath, round overhead shower, thermostatic tap fittings, continuous massage, shelf.

Useful information

Different colour combination options in its white and black panels, as well as on the colour selection of the board where the tapware and shelf are located. At Gala we strive to satisfy the most exquisite needs, those that express the most personal and intimate sphere. The hydromassage cabins provide a complete body massage and in specific areas depending on the different location of the jets , thanks to the adjustable jets located in the cabin with the pressurized water jets.


Gala products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase of the product, only if the installation has been carried out in accordance with Gala´s installation instructions and, applying the current legislation on electrical and sanitary appliances, by authorised staff. The guarantee period for this product is of 2 years.

Please check our product installation manuals.


High quality is a constant at Gala in order to guarantee the technical and aesthetic features as well as the performance of our products. Please check our product quality certificates.


Cleaning should be carried out using a soft sponge, soap and water. After cleaning, it should be dried so as to prevent limescale forming. No abrasive products, solvents or objects that could damage the surface should be used. Should any scratching occur accidentally, it should be enough just to go over the surface with a solvent-free polish. If necessary, the scratch can first be wet-sanded with 800 G wet-and-dry sandpaper, then wet-sanded with 1200 G paper, before finally applying the polish. The jets, hand shower and rain shower in most of our cabins are equipped with an "Easy Clean" anti-limescale device. Any remaining limescale will come off when pressing the jet inwards and/or removing it, disappearing after being washed away by water.

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