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GALA´s wide experience and rigour in the research of materials such as steel has allowed us to create baths with a high resistance to temperature changes and a high level of hardness, preventing our products from being scratched by every day bathroom items. They are also highly resistant to chemicals, such as acids and dyes.


Bath Opera Free-standing Black 180x80

REF: 6303102

Like a sculpture in your bathroom, that is the Ópera bath with skirting panel, manufactured in black colour to provide more elegance.
All this together with the guarantee of the heavy gauge steel.
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Ref 6303102

02 Black
Ref Product/Set Measurements €/u
6303102Enamelled steel bath180 x 80 cm

Free-standing bath Opera with skirting panel Black. Feet included Capacity 230 l.

Useful information

Our wide experience in working with steel has allowed us to improve the steel-making process thus meeting the needs of our customers, offering products in 3.5 mm vitrified steel. Gala baths and shower trays meet the stringent UNE-EN 141516:2006 European standards 2006 that ensure a high level of hardness (6-7 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness). This prevents the product from being scratched by every day bathroom items. They are also highly resistant to chemicals such as acids and/or dyes and to temperature changes. They are also fade-resistant and age-resistant. Another definitive feature of our products is the colours we use. Since these colours are of the same chromatic variety as the other ceramic items in our catalogue, our customers can easily combine various products with matching colours.


Gala products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase of the product, only if the installation has been carried out in accordance with Gala´s installation instructions and, applying the current legislation on electrical and sanitary appliances, by authorised staff. The guarantee period for baths with great thickness is of 30 years.

Please check our product installation manuals.


High quality is a constant at Gala in order to guarantee the technical and aesthetic features as well as the performance of our products. Please check our product quality certificates.


Cleaning of the bath should be carried out using a soft sponge, soap and water. After cleaning, the bath should be dried so as to prevent limescale forming. No abrasive products, solvents or objects that could damage the bath surface should be used. We recommend a certain care with some highly concentrated detergents and cleaning products.

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1.03 MBBath Opera Free-standing Black 180x80 - Técnico (.AI)
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706.55 KBBath Opera Free-standing Black 180x80 - Técnico (.DXF)
249.38 KBBath Opera Free-standing Black 180x80 - Técnico (.PDF)

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